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IT Solutions

Managed IT Service
"Turn-key" management and support of your computer systems and network. We keep your systems backed up, secure, and up to date.

From network design to equipment and system upgrades, we tailor your IT infrastructure for the specific needs of your organization.

Ensure objectivity and credibility - our experienced professionals will research, analyze and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective IT Solutions. We help you develop the right strategy so your data and systems are safe, secure, and compliant with legal mandates.

Cloud Solutions

"Smart Forms" for smartphones and tablets!  Go beyond the limitations of paper. Lower your expenses by using mobile data forms on your phones, tablets, and PC's.

Umbrella by OpenDNS
Web filtering and malware protection that's easy to deploy and manage. Cloud-Delivered web security for organizations of all sizes.

Google Apps

Brettlogic & Google Apps
As a representative of Google and the Google brand, we will show you how Google Apps fits with your business. Over 5 million businesses have made the switch to Google Apps, including Brettlogic.

Simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for any size business - all designed to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce your costs.

We'll help you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to Google Apps.

Give your employees the tools they want.......